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maskA mask is a covering of the face, this may only cover the face, full head, or shoulder, who tries to communicate using a different identity, and is in direct association with the spirit as well as represent human thought or a feeling.

A mask can be made from opaque or translucent material, mainly wax, stone, leather, fur, braided vine, painted or embroidered fabric, wool fabric, plastic, plaster, paper, or made ​​of latex, etc.

Currently a mask used in traditional festivals and holidays such as Halloween, the famous day witches and carnivals. The masks are also used in certain professional practices as a way of protection.

Within the Mexican culture you can find other types of masks. Some of them are used in typical, and the dance of oldies dances, but certainly the most popular are professional wrestlers. Such is the popularity of these characters have, they have even become a benchmark of Mexican culture worldwide, to the extent of having representatives abroad, like the famous WWE wrestler, Rey Mysterio.

Throughout history they have been used for different purposes according to the culture and religion of the people who have taken this subject. Their uses and functions are very different, then we list some of them:

Funeral: manufactured in bone, clay or stone; were used by ancient cultures in their rituals and ceremonies.

Mask: is one that only covers part of the nose and eyes. It is used in carnivals and festivals.

Entertainment: they are the most common; used in costume parties for our amusement or to protect the identity as fighters or super heroes.

Protective: used in the industry to provide protection when performing certain jobs. Among these we can mention: anti gas, face shield, surgical, and anesthetic diving suit.

Sports: is used in certain sports as part of the costume (hockey, fencing, etc.)