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costumeThe costume is a very old item that was related to religious matters, to represent characters or some people, it is a dress designed in order to distract or draw attention for a purpose, whether religious, artistic, promotional or other.

A person can dress to represent a real or fictional character in an event, a carnival, a play or a costume party. But one thing is another disguise and the art of disguise. This is where comes the magical sense of celebration. Dissimulation, deception, mockery or each be authentic. This is based depending on what the person wants to represent them are film, plays, children’s festivals, pet, day or Halloween witches, etc. They are of various kinds, among which we can mention:

Corporeal: also known as botargas are made of plush or other soft material. They are used for advertising or public events. A clear example of this is the famous botarga simi doctor.

For festivals and events: these are often used in carnivals or festivals like halloween, Christmas or Easter Day. They consist of masks and various accessories. They are less visible than botargas. Here also enter those cosplay events are used.

Pet: Most sports teams have a pet that is present in their matches to cheer, taunt the opposing club and interact with the public. Almost always made ​​with animal shapes or some other object alluding to the philosophy of the team.

Film: those that are made specifically for a film franchise. Due to the popularity some movies, it is common that people want to adopt fanatical personality of the protagonists of the film, and that is how we see big events where people wear costumes of Star Wars, Avatar, Harry Potter, among other known franchises.

In Halloween costume is a harmless taunt against death, because it is a talisman against it, to pass by.